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Proposed Bond Project List

Update February 25, 2021

Cascade School District partnered with the DLR Architect Group, staff members, and community members to form the 2019 Facilities Needs Committee. The committee assessed the district's objectives, facilities, and finances. Ultimately, they proposed a $56.3 million capital construction bond. 

The current bond rate (which was passed in 2005) is a property tax rate of about $1.21 per $1,000 on Taxable Assessed Value (TAV). If passed, the propsed bond would increase property taxes by about $0.92 per $1,000 TAV for 25 years. 

The state of Oregon has awarded a matching funds grant of $4 million to help fund bond projects. The district will receive this grant if the proposed bond measure passes.

The following is the proposed capital construction bond:

Aumsville Elementary

  • Ten new classrooms in K-2 building to centralize K-5students in one building

  • Eliminate current 3-5 facility

  • Renovate the Child Development Center to add six classrooms

  • Update security system

  • New multipurpose area/gymnasium

  • Reconfigure parking lot and redirect traffic flow

Turner Elementary

  • Six new classrooms

  • Elevator for ADA compliance

  • Parking lot improvements and new bus loop

  • Update security system

  • Second floor finish upgrades

  • Update mechanical systems and controls

  • Update electrical service


Cloverdale Elementary

  • Six new classrooms

  • Remove two oldest modulars

  • New enclosed walkway to safely connect school administration and classrooms

  • Update security system

  • Replace windows as needed

  • Repair flooring

  • Update mechanical systems

  • Update electrical service


Cascade Junior High

  • New multipurpose area/gymnasium

  • Four new classrooms

  • Update security system

  • Replace windows as needed

  • Repair roof

  • Repair masonry

  • Replace flooring and ceiling finishes

  • Upgrade mechanical systems

  • Upgrade electrical service

Cascade High School

  • Four new science classrooms

  • Renovate three former science rooms into regular classrooms

  • Update security system

  • Replace roof

  • Refinish gym floor

  • Repair floor and ceiling tiles

  • Upgrade electrical

  • ADA access and restroom renovation


Cascade Opportunity Center

  • Elevator

  • Update security systems

  • Repair roofing

  • Replace floor finishes

  • Repair ceiling finishes

  • Upgrade electrical service


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